Stringer Electronics

Stringer Electronics has certified technicians who can repair your PC, server or laptop computer. Our in-house specialists have years of experience with all kinds of makes and models of PC hardware, and can help you get back to work.

We specialize in:

Stringer Electronics
  • Virus removal/repair
  • Diagnosing and repairing/replacing failing hardware
  • Installing or upgrading your Operating System or Applications
  • Building new computers to meet your specifications

Computer Repair Warranty: Stringer Electronics allows a 90 day warranty on labor and 1 year warranty on parts purchased at Stringer Electronics. This includes replacing parts and reinstallation of operating system only, if applicable. After 90 days there will be a labor charge for data recovery and reinstallation of operating system.

Disclaimer regarding viruses, worms, Spyware: Stringer Electronics is in no way responsible for reacquired viruses after the computer has been cleaned or repaired. Internet surfing is a risk taken by the user. The internet is a dangerous place in which new viruses are released daily. This means that every site visited could potentially be infested with viruses which automatically download to your computer. Antivirus software only works as a defense mechanism for attacks, it cannot prevent every virus from entering your computer.